Export of food products is one of the most important criteria for the economic prosperity of the country. The constant presence of necessary food products in the market, as well as feed products, indicates that the country provides itself with high quality products, and there is the possibility of exporting products abroad. In the same time, the international authority of the country is consolidated.
According to the Experts’ prediction Russia has the opportunity to increase export of agricultural products, in the 2017/2018 season it is expected to increase the volume of exported feed grain in 35-36%.
One of the most popular countries in term of export to send feed grain is Iran.

The main difficulties that Russian exports may face include the difficulties of transportation and seasonality of the business.
Our company contributes to development of Russian export by delivering feed grain to Iran and to development export of agricultural grain on the whole, and also makes the best efforts to increase the volume of exported goods and overcome the difficulties of transportation.
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